How can you make sure that you are using a legit proxy provider for your best safety?

Using a proxy seems the right solution to all your online security issues. Right? No, it is not like that. You might be using a residential proxy but if you are not making sure that you are using the services from a legit provider then you might be making things worse.

The reason is that there are so many bad service providers and viruses that seem to work like proxy but instead they are causing damage to their users by gathering and using their data.

Things that will tell you that you are using a legit proxy provider

If you are also looking to ensure that you are only getting services of a legit proxy provider, then you need to check the list for all of the following things:

  • You are given your consent

The legit proxy providers are focused on providing the best experience to their users and that starts with your consent. If your consent is not valued, then there are greater chances that your proxy provider is not the right choice for you.

While the provider can have access to your information like your address as well as IP, they must only use it with your consent. When the user knows which part of their information is being used, they are in safe hands.

  • The proxy provider is GDPR compliant

GDPR refers to data protection, transfer, and privacy within the EU and outside it and it is the EU’s data protection regulatory framework by EU. Being compliant with it is necessary as it is part of the law.

So, when your proxy provider is GDPR compliant there are no worries about not being in the safe hands as the proxy provider will value the data and online presence of its users. Moreover, you as a user will get more control over your data privacy and protection according to the data protection laws making things more secure for you.

  • You get several benefits from the provider

Benefits always provide a better experience, and a legit provider is always focused on providing the best experience to its users. While things are usually paid, free services are amazing for most customers. They come at the cost of watching ads and it is one of the best benefits that legitimate proxy providers bring for their users.

  • You have the right to end the service whenever you want

An ethical proxy provider will always allow its users to end their subscription and opt-out at any time they want to. It is one of the biggest ways to catch a fake provider as they won’t let you opt-out from their services.

The reason is that they need your valuable data for their benefit. The legit proxy providers will always let the users cancel or end their subscription and start using the free versions where they have to see ads. However, it is always the customer’s choice and not the provider’s choice that which service a customer is using.

  • Your device is only used for traffic routing when you are idle

A proxy provider can use your device for routing internet traffic with your consent. However, the good ones will only do so when your device is idle as otherwise, it will make things slow for you. In this way, the legit proxy providers will ensure the best experience for you. Moreover, it is only done if you agree with doing this.

If your proxy provider does this without your consent, then it is surely not a legit one.

  • Usage of super proxies

Lastly, the legit proxy providers always use super proxies. These are necessary for them as they provide the fastest data collection services. Several other valuable things are going on at the backend like load balancing and efficient geolocation of the servers. In this way, they can provide scalable and reliable services.


A proxy is used to make your online presence secure and safe instead of all the vulnerabilities. So, whenever you are selecting a proxy service provider you must be sure that you are selecting a legit one. The reason is that the legit ones bring the best value while the fake ones and the viruses can cause issues for you.

So, by keeping a check on all the things discussed above you can be sure if your online presence is safe with your proxy provider or not.

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