What are the best books for the PPSC AE exam?

When you decide to take a test, you come across so many things. Of course, you get to know about things that you should know and about the things that you should be extra careful about. There are manifold things that you can do to ensure that you prepare well and do good.

Of course, you should know about the best books for the PPSC AE exam if you are going to take this test. You should not think of it like a walk in the park. You need to work well and prepare good. This PPSC Assistant Municipal Engineer (Mechanical) selection process is forked into the written type of exam and interview round. So as to score more than the that of PPSC Assistant Municipal Engineer cut-off scores, aspirants must choose the right set of PPSC Assistant Municipal Engineer type of books and pertinent study materials.  There are many books like:

  • Mechanical Engineering for Makers by Brian Bunnell and Samer Najia
  • An Introduction to Mechanical Engineering by Jonathan Wickert/Kemper Lewis

Then there are many other books too that you can try. And for your interview park too you can check out books like:

  • Preparing for a Winning Interview by Mishra Bibhu Prasad
  • How to Answer Interview Questions by Peggy Mckee
  • 15 Minutes to a Better Interview by Russell Tuckerton

The point is there are endless books that you come across when you dig. It is all about exploring different options. The one you feel sounds good to you; you can go for it.

Prep Strategy for PPSC Assistant Municipal Engineer Exam  

The aspirants should make a good plan and must study smartly to clear any type of competitive examination. A well-planned as well as effective PPSC AE exam preparation is surely going to help the candidate in learning all the in-depth type of concepts of the exam. A flexible as well as strategic plan is going to assist you to complete the syllabus before the exam so that you can even that of plan a proper revision schedule. For your ease, following are few tips mentioned that are going to help you to prepare for your exam:

  • It is important that you design a personalized study plan and even make sure that you concentrate on those sections that require more attention.
  • Follow the overall planned schedule and even try to finish the syllabus on time before the test.
  • Attempt a couple of timed mock tests. Also, try to solve some previous year’s exams or papers. The point is when you use the previous year papers for your prep, you do really well. You get to know about the areas where you lack and where you need to work.
  • The aspirants must analyse their performance after every single mock test to get a better clue of the accuracy as well as speed management during the exam.
  • Study from great materials for getting better outcomes and results.

It is important that you start your prep for your PPSC Assistant Municipal Engineer exam right away to grab one of the good opportunities in this recruitment drive. The point is simple, the more you pay attention to what you are doing to prep well, the better you do. Remember, it is important that you follow a strict timetable and give time to all the segments. Once you are informed about every single segment and you work on them as per your ease; you would not lack at any of the areas


To sum up, since you know a few of the books to get started and some tips too; go ahead and do your best. You would definitely make it through.

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