Getting business and customers in a friendly way with Corporate-gifts

According to the Advertising Specialty Institute’s latest research, business gifts are the friendliest and most effective way to advertise your business or brand. 

They are followed by advertising in newspapers, on the radio, in magazines, on television, and on the very end of the advertising chain, is advertising via the Internet and telephone, which are currently on the rise if we look at the number of ads. So when the time to dig a little deeper into your pocket to buy gifts comes, don’t do it with a heavy heart. We all know that a carefully selected gift is met with a positive response and consequently ensures you a good promotion and raises business in the long run.

Are you aware of the potential of promotional gifts?

If you haven’t decided on promotional gifts in your company yet, now is the right time to make this decision. You won’t regret it.

If you think that this is just an unnecessary expense, think again. Research has shown that 85% of gift recipients around the globe remember the advertised company because of the business gifts they have received. That is an extremely high percentage of people, especially when compared via ads we see online or in print ads. There are numerous ads everywhere, so we seldom remember the names of companies that more or less successfully try to make the best possible impression on consumers during the mass of advertisements. What we remember is, for the most part, what we need at a given moment. That is why it is so important to do good branding for our company and anchor our name in the consumer’s deep sub consciousness.  We must set ourselves the goal of making the company recognizable even when people do not need our products or services yet. That way, we will find ourselves in the first place in the shopping cart when they will need the product or service that we provide.

How would we even get people to notice us and recognize the benefit for themselves in our company? The promotional items we give to our customers provides us with this opportunity. Have you ever wondered why business gifts give a company such credibility?  And why does a simple promotional pen bring your company more loyal customers than a huge billboard at a city entrance?  If you still did not get the answer, we will give it to you.

By giving something to someone and not expecting anything in return, you make them happy in a pleasant way. If your product is practical, you also make sure that recipients will use that gift. And if the product is well thought of, it will do a positive promotion even with people you haven’t given it to, but have only seen it with other gift recipients. 

According to American analysis, 91% of people have at least one promotional product in their kitchens, and 74% have at least one in their office. One percent fewer promotional gifts are in use at least once a week. The fact that is also interesting is that more people remember the advertiser from the coffee mug, than from television ads. The research about how branded coffee cups affect gift recipients has shown that 57% of people remember the advertiser on the cup and barely 28% of people remember the TV ad. As you can see, that is an enormous difference. And what potential this means for those who are aware of the power of promotional material.

TailorMADE custom promotional gifts

Gifting trends have begun to change in recent years. During countless cheap materials, which are often useless, high-quality products started to appear years ago. At first glance, it seems that they will only rob us of our savings, but during this time, advertisers began to realize the power of a well-chosen gift and increasingly prioritize quality over price. However, not everything is as bleak as it seems at first glance. Let’s look at the calculation. When we create products in huge quantities, one cent per product means a difference in the final budget. If we calculate these amounts, a bad mood can quickly overcome us. But, here’s one trick that people don’t know. You can call it perseverance or a good knowledge of the market – if you know where to look, you can find products for a reasonable price.  And if you check our website, you can see that we can make exceptional quality products that are made entirely according to your wishes and needs. We are talking about TailorMADE promotional gifts made 100% according to your wishes and, which you will surely like – at a reasonable price. Why? Because when we create custom gifts in larger quantities, the cost per quantity will generally move downwards, and at some point, the price even equals the usual price of promotional gifts from stock. When you see the final product and present it to your customers, you will immediately get that pleasant feeling that your efforts have paid off, and in the long run, the traffic numbers will also speak for themselves.

However, if you decide on TailorMADE promotional gifts, you must order them promptly, as the manufacturing and preparation process itself takes a little more time.

Personalized gifts – a new gift-giving trend

Personalized gifts are a new trend in gift giving. They are a perfect business gift that is affordable and useful. Your logo, advertising message, and name of the gift recipient are visible on the gift. The final product is in special packaging with your design printed on it, and a box with promotional gifts also includes a personal message. The entire package is nicely wrapped and delivered to your home or office, as it makes a great impression on your gift recipient.

If the above-described gift sounded futuristic and too expensive for small business finances a few years ago, now it is a reality.  We come across many companies with products that we make according to their wishes because personalized promotional gifts give your gift an emotional significance and have a higher value than classic gifts, which, unlike personalized ones, are quickly forgotten and discarded. With such a gift, the receiver becomes more aware that for you, they are not just a number.  If your gift was practical, you have secured a place in the home of the receiver. If something is close to the eyes, it is also close to the heart. That means that the product is proudly shown to everybody who visits their home. As you can see, that one product is advertising itself and you.

According to research, promotional material in the form of promotional bags lasts for 11 months, which means that despite the slightly higher price, they give you much better advertising than a cheaper and less usable product, such as a ballpoint pen. The reason lies in the fact that a promotional bag, just like a T-shirt or a hat, is also seen by people who do not have closer contact with the gift recipient but accidentally see it at a given moment. By that, you have arranged a moving advertisement, which someone will accidentally photograph, and publish its image in such a way that it will be on display to a significant number of people.

Promotional gifts increase the visibility of your businesses.

The purpose of promotional gifts is to increase the visibility of your company to the general public. As modern marketers like to say – giving a  corporate gift will help you to make a brand. With a promotional gift, you pleasantly surprise someone and maybe even solve their problem as you give a gift at the right moment. For example – if you hand them a pen when needed or give them a branded face mask when they don’t have one, they would appreciate it even more. By doing so, you gained their affection. The gift recipient will quickly expand his enthusiasm for your kindness. If you gave him a promotional textile that he often uses in public, you also increased the value of your promotional gift and it’s return on investment. Why? Because more people see it. 

Let’s have a closer look at the statistics. A beautiful custom-made umbrella costs you 10 EUR. That precise umbrella attracts 1,100 unique views. That means that the cost of getting one person to see your brand is less than 1 cent.

For polo shirts and sweatshirts, this number is 4/10 cents, and for promotional jackets is 3/10 cents.

The more unique, beautiful, and high-quality product you have, the more likely it is that customers will keep it for a longer time.  If they are satisfied and happy to use and show it, that means that such a product will advertise to you for even longer and reduce the price for a unique view.

If you’re still in a dilemma, here are some more stats to help you decide what to give away for this year’s Christmas gifts or New Year’s gifts.

46% of consumers have a better opinion of a company whose promotional material is environmentally friendly.  It is also interesting that women are more sympathetic to such companies than men, and the percentage also increases with the ages of the recipient.

It is also interesting that people keep a gift in the form of a USB stick for 13 months and that as many as 78% of customers have a promotional bottle, cup, or thermos on their desk, which they keep for 12 months on average.

When to order New Year’s promotional gifts?

It’s never too early to think about New Year’s gifts. As some stores already have a Christmas collection of decorations in August, you as an entrepreneur don’t need to have a bad conscience if you start thinking about Christmas gifts in September. 

This way, you have enough time to think carefully about what you want, perfect your idea, and place your order by October. Do you wonder why in October? There are, of course, several reasons, and the time required to make and deliver them on time is just one of them. 

Almost the most important reason is that in October, the stocks of the most popular products are intact everywhere, and a new collection of products is also available. If you decide on TailorMADE gifts, October is the deadline for placing an order. Otherwise, you would be unnecessarily worried about whether the presents will be delivered on time or not. 

In addition, you want to be among the first ‘Santas’ as this will make your business partners even more memorable.

Our tip!

Good promotional gifts will help you achieve sales goals next year that you may find unattainable this year. You will not need to use intrusive advertising because promotional gifts will help you strengthen ties with business partners in a friendly way.  With their help, you will also show potential customers that you appreciate them in advance. Business or promotional gifts are an investment that will pay off with a profit!

If you want to leave a unique mark at the end of the year 2022, choose TailorMADE custom gifts as gifts, and even better – personalized promotional gifts.

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