Drive More Traffic From Google Search By Optimizing Content For Google Featured Snippets

Do you want visitors to visit your website if they type in a search term that is relevant to your brand? One of the most effective ways to achieve this objective is to convert information from your website to be the form of a Google featured short-form. Incorporating the Google featured snippet increases your visibility, drives visitors to your site and boosts the reputation of your brand.

What are Google Featured Snippets?

Google’s featured snippets for featured search results are extended, curated search results prominently displayed close to on the front page of the engine result webpage (SERP).

As Google describes the term “featured snippets” in its explanation, they are boxes in which the format of a standard results page is reversed. It shows the snippet with the most descriptive description first.

Featured snippets offer clear, precise answers based on the content Google discovers on websites and provide searchers with instant answers without having to go to a different website. If users want more details, they can simply click the URL underneath the featured snippet, and direct them to the specific URL on the page on which the featured content can be found.

The advantage of being selected to be the Google featured snippet has two benefits your website will receive an unpaid position above the organic results and your business is positioned as an authority figure. Both of these could result in a massive increase in organic visitors.

The majority of featured excerpts (about 70 percent) are presented in paragraph format like the one above and comprise around 250 words. The second most popular feature type of snippet is a list that contains about five to 10 elements whether in a list of numbers or in bullets that are not ordered. Featured snippets may also be displayed as videos or tables however, those two types make up less than 10 percent of the excerpts.

How Do I Obtain a Google Featured Snippet for My Website?

Only Google can decide if the page is a suitable featured snippet to users’ search queries, However, optimizing your content for feature short snippets, by following these best practices will increase the likelihood of your content being highlighted.

  • Find a topic that grabs attention from your targeted audience. Then, make use of Google Keyword Planner to find the ways people are looking for information related to that subject.
  • Find the questions people are searching for the most often. Be sure to choose questions that begin by using “what,” “why,” or “how.”
  • Create quality, relevant content that is relevant, quality, answers the question and assists your audience to achieve their goal.
  • Make the question you want to answer an element within your web content (using H1 as a header) and follow with an extremely brief summary response.
  • Include steps on how-to in an organized or bulleted list.
  • Because it will help Google interpret your content more clearly. ensure that it is using the proper schema markup. Make use of Google’s structured test tool to test your code.
  • Choose a topic that you are a specialist in expertise. Questions with easy-to-find answers aren’t suitable for featured snippets of content because Google is able to discover the data from many sources and give the information without attribution.
  • Perform a Google search on your desired query to see if there’s an answer with a featured snippet is already available. If so, however, it’s not doing well in providing the answer, you can create content that gives an accurate, reliable, and complete answer.
  • Go through your FAQ section for excerpts of information, then add the relevant questions and responses to the right page on your website to ensure that Google will be able to see them in the proper context.
  • Content with good organic search ranking will be more likely to get selected for featured snippets of content So, follow SEO guidelines to rank as high on the SERP as you can.


Ready to Boost Your Organic Growth Using Google Featured Snippets?

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