What Career Prospects Do You Have with a Degree in Fashion?

The fashion industry is an enchanting place with promises of highly fulfilling careers for creative minds. If you aspire to be the next Jordan Dalah or Dion Lee at the Australian Fashion Week, it might be the right course for you.

However, a fashion degree offers a lot of scopes beyond fashion designing. Although the fashion designing industry is a high paying one for the successful, you can prosper in other areas related to fashion too. With a degree in fashion, you can take up photography, PR, or even merchandising, which are crucial areas of the fashion industry. 

Fashion Designer

This is the most obvious career choice for anyone pursuing a fashion degree. The likes of Marc Jacobs and Coco Chanel has inspired thousands of young people to take up fashion as a subject. The job description of a fashion designer includes designing and producing original products and your line of garments. However, the competition is steep, with graduates from the top-most universities competing.  

Fashion Marketing

Besides being a fashion designer, you can also become a fashion marketing and PR specialist with a fashion degree. It is a challenging profession that is equally rewarding. Now, trends in the fashion industry come and go in the blink of an eye. That’s why you would have to stay updated with the constantly changing trends and styles. 

Fashion Buyer

Do you remember what Rachel Greene, from F.R.I.E.N.D.S, did at Ralph Lauren? Jennifer Aniston’s memorable performance as the quirky fashion executive has left a lasting impression on many. Therefore, you can guess that a career in fashion merchandising can be just as fulfilling.

With a degree in fashion, you can pursue this as a career where you have to perform as a fashion shopping expert. You would also have to source and purchase trending products at the moment and might appeal to the potential client base. 

Fashion Blogger or Journalist

Does a writing/publishing job at leading fashion magazines like ‘Elle’ or ‘Vogue’ sounds exciting? Then a degree in fashion can be your ace in the hole. It is the perfect opportunity for those who love fashion but are not inclined towards drawing and designing.

 A career in fashion journalism is a golden opportunity if you love writing and are into fashion. This profession will let you combine two of your biggest passion into a career. 

Fashion Production and Management

Considered the “front line” of the fashion industry, fashion production and management can be your ticket to fashion land. As a fashion product manager, your job will be to ensure consistency and quality in all the products. For this, you would need a keen eye for details. 

With time, you can gain enough experience and hone your expertise in the area to propel your management career to new heights. 

Fashion Technology

This is a relatively new field introduced with the digital revolution. If you are into technology, there are various areas, like virtual design-testing interface, predictive algorithms, and material development, where you can excel. 

This is a fast-growing area in the fashion industry and has a lot of potential for eager candidates. Once you complete your fashion degree, this field can open up new avenues for you. 

In the end, remember that even if you cannot get success in your primary area of choice, the roads never end. A degree in fashion is just the beginning, and there is a vast world of opportunity waiting for you. 

The fashion industry is an exciting world that offers many opportunities to the deserving. Your dream career could just be waiting for some proper training. 

So, find your call and choose the ideal course today. 

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