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Guideline for Buying and Selling Property in Pakistan

According to real estate experts, selling and buying a property needs great effort and a large sum of cash. The toughest job of the property seller or buyer and even a property consultant is to find any competent or profitable deal. Finding the best deal for your property needs time, sometimes a few months and when you find it you have to grab it immediately.

If you are a real estate consultant and you are thinking about how to sell or buy commercial property in Pakistan. This thing has been an issue for many of the consultants or customers. Selling any property is easier than buying any house or any commercial property, they don’t have to wonder about the taxes and visit different clients to sell their property. The process is more troublesome for the one who is buying it.  There are many properties to sell in Lahore. Here are a few guidelines that will help you buy a property;

Keep Yourself Updated On Property Portals

Properties in Pakistan are mostly sold online or on the local real estate because the first thing to buy any property is to get a perfect deal and daily thousands of deals are posted online and many buyers or sellers visit these sites daily for the property guide.

If you keep yourself updated on these online portals you can get a suitable deal yourself and these sites will help you shortlist the ranges for money size and prefer a location that will be much easier for you to search and find one suitable for you and you have to grab it before anyone else.

Know How to Deal With Buyers

After you set the best deal for yourself and you are ready to sell your property you need to negotiate with the buyer about the price where you have to give your best that you can save enough from your property. Your buyer will want to visit the site where you have to inform them about all the positive aspects of the property.

With further negotiation, both parties will be able to reach the price that is suitable for both of them. Whether you want to sell or buy the commercial property in Pakistan you have to make your meeting successful. You have to prefer each other’s point of view to avoid any kind of dispute so that you will be able to make it final.

Handle the Stamp Paperwork

The most important work in selling and buying the property is the stamped paperwork, you have to fill that paper as a certification that you have sold your house or any other property to the buyer party. This task is as important as your property and you don’t have to make any kind of relaxation or delay in filling it.

These are all according to the rules of the government that you have to get this paperwork done before selling it.

Payment and Transfers

In Pakistan real estate when you decide to buy something you have to pay the token money first to keep your seller and ensure that you are buying property and make that property reserved for yourself in case he makes another deal.

When you get your deal done all the documents and legal work are done and verified then the buyer has to pay for the initial deposit which is 25% of the total price of the property. After the stamp, the paper has been filled and the period is set in which the buyer has to pay the total amount. Otherwise, he has to pay the penalty.

When you buy commercial property in Pakistan you have to transfer the title and give all the rights of your property to the buyer if he wants to keep it or sell it is up to him from now on. After that, the property gets registered in the name of another party.

Register the Statement

The property is transferred from the seller to the buyer in the presence of the witness at the price on which both parties have been agreed and the buyer will make the order to the land record officer to transfer the property from the seller’s title to the buyer title by following this procedure and guidelines you can execute a healthy deal.

Concluding It

There are many properties to sell and buy in the Pakistan real estate where you can get the property of your own choice and at the reasonable prices for further help or consultation you can visit

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