Who Leads the Industry in Solar & Energy Storage Monitoring?

Energy Toolbase (ETB), a trusted industry leader since 2014, provides a comprehensive suite of subscription-based software tools for commercial solar and storage projects. Their current offering includes Model, Control, and Monitor and is designed to make solar project developer’s process of closing deals easier.

Model the Site, also known as ETB Developer, is the gold standard, industry leading software platform for the pre-install sales process and includes modeling and proposing the economics of solar and storage projects. For post-install, there are two tools: Control the Assets (Acumen EMS™) and Monitor the Performance (ETB Monitor). Control the Assets is an intelligent control system software utilizing machine learning and AI to forecast and optimally discharge energy storage systems.

ETB Monitor, the most recent launch, is a robust remote energy monitoring software providing complete transparency into the real-time operation and performance of solar plus storage systems, both physically and financially. The software features a dashboard, site performance, override events, event log, alerts, and utility bills pages. The dashboard clearly displays the operating status of all sites, ongoing alerts, and notifications. For the site’s performance, there is a power flow diagram that includes ESS dispatch, site’s load/demand, state of charge (SOC), and PV generation. This information is also displayed historically in the form of an interactive graph to analyze the solar system’s performance over time. The analytics includes any losses in the system, a vital criterion to monitor and ensure an efficient system is operating as designed. The site’s real-time weather conditions are also displayed to better understand the system’s performance.

This powerful tool even allows system override for events such as discharging. This feature is crucial for saving time and money as issues can be diagnosed and resolved remotely, without the need for a costly site visit. For events, custom notifications and alerts can be configured for email or phone to notify the developer if the system is not performing optimally (i.e. inverter offline, low SOC). The system logs also cover detailed operations and maintenance (O&M) data such as warranty coverage and incentive compliance (i.e. GHG emissions reductions, Federal ITC, SGIP). The solar savings of each billing cycle is displayed as a detailed Measurement and Verification (M&V) breakdown that includes the total energy, demand, solar generation for each billing period to compare the current performance against the projected baseline.

Overall, the ETB Monitor is a beautiful piece of software, simple to use, and an essential monitoring tool for any solar plus storage project. All real-time data of every solar asset is tracked and monitored in one platform, serving as a single source of truth. The system is hosted on the Microsoft Azure cloud so the data is secure, backed up, and accessible from anywhere. Energy Toolbase’s Monitor platform is a must-have for any solar developer who is looking to deploy projects more effectively and efficiently with accuracy, objectivity, and transparency. 

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