Who is Mikan Tsumiki? How did Mikan like Hajime?

Mikan Tsumiki is a fictitious person from the manga series Danganronpa. He is the hoodlum who assists different ninjas with overcoming the insidious Yokozuna. He is areas of strength for an and frequently battles close by different ninjas. In the anime, he is known as a “mikan”, which means’monster’ in Japanese. Mikan additionally shows up in Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair.

Ibuki Mioda

Ibuki Mioda is an understudy of Hope’s Peak Academy’s Class 77-B and member in the Killing School Trip. She holds the title of ‘Extreme Musician’. She has an exceptional style of music that has spellbound a large number of her fans. In the computer game, she should be visible singing and playing guitar, which are the two exercises she appreciates.

Ibuki Mioda is a particular person who bears everything to all onlookers. She is incredibly garrulous, frequently breaking the fourth divider by making statements at least a couple of times. She is clearly and strong, yet she has a repressed side when she is encircled by her companions. Her erraticism makes her a tomfoolery character to watch and takes advantage of her natural abilities. Assuming you have a soft spot for peculiar characters, Ibuki might be an ideal young lady for you.

Hiyoko Saionji

Mikan Tsumiki is the ideal foil for Hiyoko Saionji, who is powerless and has low confidence. In the anime, Mikan is inclined to over-saying ‘sorry’ being handily threatened, and stammering apprehensively when she talks. Despite the fact that her personality was never sincerely connected with Hiyoko, Mikan was ideally suited for Hiyoko on the grounds that she is something contrary to Mikan, a sucker who generally needed to satisfy others.

Mikan’s consistent tormenting of Hiyoko made her angry. While she was harassing Mikan, she inadvertently stumbled over her shoes and scratched her knee. Mikan assisted Hiyoko with her injuries, however Hiyoko opposed, taking off in disgrace. The two were both self-reproachful after Hiyoko had apologized to one another.

Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu

At the point when he awakened, he heard a voice on the opposite stopping point. It was the voice of Mikan, a previous Neo World Program member. Fuyuhiko got back to Mikan and sat tight for his reaction. He checked out at Mikan’s face with an awkward look. At the point when she replied, he sounded humiliated. He falters with a stammering look.

In spite of the fact that Mikan was a secondary school understudy at Lapis Lazuli Girls High School, she selected at Hope’s Peak Academy to turn into a Ultimate Nurse. She became companions with the understudies at the institute, including Hiyoko, Ibuki, and Mahiru Koizumi. She additionally warmed up to Sato, who was an executioner. In the “Dusk Syndrome Murder Case”, her past was uncovered.


Mahiru Mikan Tsumiki is a Japanese medical attendant who has practical experience in ladies’ medical problems. She was mishandled as a youngster and grew up figuring out how to deal with herself. Mikan before long became keen on nursing and acknowledged she partook in the sensation of control she acquired from really focusing on individuals. Thus, she has worked at emergency clinics, hospices, and, surprisingly, in her old neighborhood. Be that as it may, her enthusiasm for nursing at last turned into her defeat.

As a kid, Mikan went to Lapis Lazuli Girl’s High School. She later went to Hope’s Peak Academy as a Ultimate Nurse. She become friends with Ibuki, Hiyoko, Mahiru Koizumi, and Sato. In any case, when her companion Natsumi Kuzuryu is killed, Mikan is accused. Hiyoko, in any case, later apologizes, and Mikan’s life turns out to be more than convoluted.

Peko Pekoyama

Peko is the beneficiary of one of the most impressive yakuza families in Japan. His infantile face makes him an obvious objective for savagery. He meets Mahiru when she discovers that her sister, Sato, was killed and the institute concealed it to safeguard their standing. Mahiru’s regret drives Peko to kill her, imagining that he’s arranged it.

Last Words:

In Danganronpa 2, Peko Pekoyama is a partner of the Ultimate Gangster Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu. Kuzuryu has Peko as his own guardian and hired gunman. Whenever Peko arrives at the finish of the film, he is encircled by a crew of robot samurai. She later bites the dust after Mikan Tsumiki cuts her throat.

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