How can teachers take care of students who are weak in certain subjects?

As teachers, we often come to a quick generalization or judgment without trying to know the root cause of the problem in most cases. And we see that when people don’t make effort to know the reason for the weakness of a child, then how it can be expected that its solution will be searched as well. We often see that the stigmatized term ‘weak student’ refers to various possibilities. We are aware that human development is a result of nature as well as nurture both that is heredity and environment both play a vital role in the development of a child. So often when we say the child is weak then it is possible that heshe might have a biologically lesser IQ or chances are that the environment in which heshe is living in do not provides him or her enough opportunities for cognitive (which also means mental) development as well. The school information management system therefore can be put to use in such a case. We see that it is important to find out the reason why the child is not performing up to the mark as well. Sometimes we see that the child may not be physically fit e.g. weak eyes are a common problem in most cases. We see that it is found sometimes that children don’t open up about their physical discomfort as well. It is therefore seen and advised that teachers or parents should maintain a rapport where students can feel free to discuss their problems as well. We see that IQ tests are conducted on such students in the classroom. Sometimes we see that the home atmosphere also adversely affects a child’s performance in this manner. We see that there are other things too such as Interest, way of teaching, as well as infrastructural barriers that can also be the reason for poor performance at the same time. Hence it becomes mandatory that they should find out the reason and the root problem. We are aware that teachers and parents should be sympathetic to weak students as well. We see that they should not be labelled as weak, dumb, and maybe duffer in such a case. We see that weak students are also soft targets of bullies hence they should be protected from such behaviour as well. We, therefore, assume that their dignity should be maintained in such a case. We see that the so-called weak students should be encouraged to perform better. A student must be given tasks in chunks as well to make things easy for themselves. We see that the duration of the task should be kept small as well and after they successfully complete the task they must be encouraged and motivated. So we see that they take interest in learning activities as well. We know that there are individual differences among students as well. We know that not every child learns in the same way. We see that while some children are audio learners, there are some who are visual learners and some are kinesthetic learners i.e. they learn by doing or experimenting. We see that the teacher or parents must understand the learning style of the student. And they must take care to plan the teaching-learning activities accordingly as well. They must also make sure to urge their child to talk to them about school and assignments. They must go ahead and express a solid interest in their child’s projects and assignments with the goal that they can catch new problems before they begin as well. Obviously, we see that if their child is doing great in school, they must indulge in monitoring their child’s work will allow them to praise their child and make them feel superior about their prosperity as well. Teachers therefore must remember, that no student is naturally weak as well as no student is naturally genius. However, we see that there are some students who take time to learn or to do certain tasks, which doesn’t mean they are weak. We know that every student is born unique with different capacities as well as capabilities. The attendance management software can be used to understand the importance of students’ capabilities. 

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