Is it necessary for a spouse to hire an aggressive divorce attorney?

A female client may think that her husband is extremely well-connected and powerful and hence she is afraid that he might outsmart her lawyer. This is why she is looking for a pitbull to fight her divorce on her behalf. Some other client might not be willing to share child custody with his wife and hence wants an aggressive lawyer to represent him in the court. Who will know how aggressive you are as a lawyer?

While there are numerous aggressive divorce lawyers who claim aggressive results, it is a wiser option to choose an attorney after considering several factors. If you ask a family law attorney, he too will recommend you never to hire an aggressive divorce attorney. Here are the risks of hiring one. 

  • Most divorce cases are settled outside the court

As per estimates, more than 96% of divorces are settled outside court, through a settlement agreement. This clearly translates to the fact that near about 1 in 20 divorces are resolved in front of the judge. Now if you hire an aggressive divorce attorney, he can turn out to be an obstacle to reaching a friendly agreement with your ex-spouse. He may be willing to fight it out with your spouse while you may be eager to compromise. 

  • He won’t let you be in charge of your divorce

Even though your divorce needs courtroom litigation, it is still your case. You hire a lawyer in order to represent your case on your behalf and not let them make decisions and rules on your behalf. His only responsibility is to assist you in making well-informed choices and not to make your divorce case spin out of control. The way your lawyer behaves will have an impact on you and hence will also affect the result of the case. 

  • He burns connections rather than finding solutions

The vitality of hiring an appropriate attorney is even more important when you have children involved in a divorce. You are expected to maintain an amicable relationship with your ex-spouse even after divorce since you have children who are an integral part of your life. During such a situation, if you hire ‘bulldog’ attorneys, they will instigate you to pick fights rather than arrange a solution. Creating too much of drama where it is not needed will have an adverse impact on your case. 

  • Aggressive is good but arrogance is not

A good reasonable yet aggressive lawyer will help you deal with a divorce in a respectful and thorough manner. It is not that an aggressive lawyer will always be bad for your case but winning a divorce case at any cost might change the attitude of the lawyer. When an aggressive lawyer has a nice personality, he can focus on bringing forth positive results. Hence, arrogance is not needed, especially when you’re working as a divorce lawyer.

Therefore, if you’re someone who is all set to file for divorce and you have children involved in your case, make sure you never hire an aggressive lawyer. They’ll cause more harm than good to your case. 

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