Lead Generation for Plumbers – Get More Leads Without Paying a Dime

Are you still relying on flyers and newspapers to grow your plumbing business? Sorry to be the bearer of the bad news, but it isn’t going to cut it for you – not anymore.

These days, clients are looking for convenient ways to search for a plumber. And combing through newspapers or flyers is not one of them. 

The traditional marketing methods are becoming obsolete with each passing day, and they’re being replaced by something new altogether: Google. This means you’ll have to focus on cost-effective organic lead generation for plumbers

Not sure how to do that?

Well, let’s show you how!

  1. Google Business Profile

Google is most likely going to be the bridge between your plumbing business and clients. So, it makes sense to start from there, particularly with a service called Google Business Profile. 

It’s an incredibly important component of lead generation that allows you to provide more information about your company to clients. And it works wonders for your business.

According to a study, clients will consider your business 2.7 times more credible if it has a Google Business Profile. It also increases the chances of your services being hired by a staggering 50%.

To maximize the advantages of Google Business Profile, you have to pay attention to its five elements. They are:

NAP Information – While creating your Google Business Profile, you’ll be asked to provide your business’s name, address, and phone number (which is what NAP stands for). Make sure the information you’re providing is authentic and matches the details you’ve posted on your website.

Business Hours – Many a time, people prefer learning about a business’s working hours before visiting or calling. For that reason, you have to mention your company’s hours of operation so clients know when to contact you. Remember to update them during the holidays.

Images – Before creating a Google Business Profile account, take a few pictures of your premises, preferably the interior and exterior. Clients would rather hire a company that has uploaded its images. They show a glimpse of what people can expect from your business. 

Reviews – The importance of online reviews cannot be emphasized enough. They’re what clients look at before hiring a company’s services. In fact, 93% of them have said that reviews significantly impact their buying decision. So, ask (nicely) your clients to leave a review.

Services – This one’s a no-brainer, but clients are searching for your business because they’re interested in hiring your services. Since you’re a plumber, offer relevant services, like “Pipe Repair” or “Faucet Installation.” Google can help you with this, so pay attention to its suggestions.

  1. SEO

You could have the most beautifully designed website, but if clients cannot find it, it’s pretty much useless. Therefore, take help from Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and get your website to rank on top.

Of course, it’ll require determination, hard work, and consistency from your side. However, after seeing the outcome, you’ll be more than satisfied.

To get you started, here’s how you can increase leads with SEO for plumbers.

Use Appropriate Keywords – With the help of “Keyword Planner” and “Google Trends,” you can find which specific phrases clients are searching for. Then, you can use those keywords to boost your website’s ranking on Google. 

Optimize Page Title & Descriptions – After determining the keywords, it’s time to use them in your page title or description. And if your website has multiple pages, know that you’ll need to write titles and descriptions for each of them.

  1. Automation Marketing

As a business owner (not specific to plumbing), following up on leads is of paramount importance. There’s nothing more clients hate than being left on their own.

And when you don’t make them feel valued after they show an interest in your services, that’s precisely what happens.

But the thing is, you probably have a lot on your plate. 

Replying to each and every lead can be exhausting and time-consuming. 

This is where automation marketing tools can ease your burdens.

With their help, you can:

Set Up Automated Emails – Once a lead fills out the intake form, you can shoot an automated email that welcomes them. And if it’s written in a highly personalized tone, your clients will feel immediately valued. It’ll reassure them that your plumbing business offers exactly what they are looking for.

Keep Everyone in The Loop – Without an automation tool, your sales reps will not know when a lead has filled out an intake form. As a result, they won’t know when to reach out to that client. But things will be much different when you use an automation tool. Everyone from your sales team will be on the same page.

Generating Leads Made Easy!

There’s a lot more to generating leads, but the tips mentioned in this blog will do for now. Implement these strategies and see where things take you from there.

And if you wish to simplify things, YourLeadPartners’ automation tool can prove helpful. 

Hopefully, you won’t struggle with generating plumbing leads from now on!

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