A Helpful Pre-Proposal Checklist Every Man Should Have

Proposing to the love of your life is one of the most incredible yet nerve-wracking moments. Due to the excitement and the anticipation, your mind can be all over the place, pushing you to forget essential bits of the proposal.

To avoid that, you need to have a good plan days or months before the proposal. There are crucial things that are necessary to make the proposal memorable and successful. You also need to coordinate with various people and ensure every angle is covered. 

That might not be easy for someone who has never done it before or is worried about their partner’s response. Even when you are sure about everything, thinking about asking someone to be with you for the rest of your life is something to be nervous about. We have prepared a helpful checklist to keep you on track when planning to propose.

  1. Get the Men’s Wedding Bands or Women’s Wedding Bands for the Proposal

The most crucial thing in any proposal is the rings. You need to pick a ring that will suit your partner based on what they like. It would help if you researched before going to the jeweler to know what they want and what size will fit. You can prepare for that by looking at the other jewelry they wear, and if you see a constant pattern, you will know what to buy.

You can also ask them in a random conversation way before you decide to propose. If your partner does not really wear rings, you can talk to close friends or family to know what kind of stone shape and size they like.

If you do not manage to get any of that information before deciding to propose, you can always go with your gut but ensure you buy a bigger ring rather than a small one. You should also be keen about the ring’s design when you are unsure about the size because some rings cannot be resized. These rules apply whether you buy women’s or men’s wedding bands

  1. Pick Out a Proposal Place

Once the ring is picked out, the next thing on the checklist is picking out a proposal place. This one also highly depends on your partner’s likes information that you should have picked during dating.

Some people would prefer an intimate setting with just the two of you and maybe a photographer, while others love a loud proposal that the whole world can witness. Ensure you know what your partner likes to avoid ruining the surprise with something they are uncomfortable with.

Again, if you have not discussed such matters before, go with your gut and hope for the best. It is fair to assume that if you want to propose to someone, you already know much about their preferences and what they do not like. Friends and family who helped you pick out the men’s wedding bands can also come in handy during this process.

  1. Know What to Say 

Asking someone to marry you can be as plain as voicing one question or as emotional as writing a whole speech for it. On most occasions, having more words to back up the question will always win your partner over.

Your speech should not be so long that it gets boring or out of hand. A short speech declaring your love and intentions for your partner will do. Write down these words and practice them repeatedly to ensure they stick in your mind.

You do not have to write them down, but you should at least organize your thoughts to know what to say at that crucial moment. The nerves are likely to get the best of you at the moment, but the practice you did earlier could help you still remember the words you wanted to say. 

If you feel you have too much to say and cannot say it all from your head, write it down and read it to them before proposing. Do not forget to ask the million-dollar question at the end of your speech. Remember to hold the women’s or men’s wedding bands and ask the question. Sometimes the tension makes you forget to ask your partner whether they will marry you.

  1. Set The Mood Right

One of the most important things to do before any proposal is to set the mood right. There is no way you will propose to your partner when the atmosphere is tense, and the mood is off because that automatically sets you up for disappointment.

Make sure that the days leading up to the proposal are happy and that you and your partner are in a good space. A proposal is meant to solidify the bond that you and your partner have. It is therefore essential to ask them to marry you when that bond is at its strongest.

You can also set the mood right on the day of the proposal by ensuring the proposal venue spells out love and devotion towards your partner. Some people prefer to use flower petals and candles to decorate the place. In contrast, others do things like setting up your partner’s favorite activity alongside some champagne or any other celebratory drink or food.

It is crucial to make sure everything is great between you and you are both in love with each other before proposing. You should also discuss marriage with your partner while dating to see whether that is something they would like to do with you.


Planning a proposal is not easy or something you can do overnight and have perfection. It requires planning, a lot of thinking, and preparation to make it memorable for you and your partner. 

However, buying a ring is the first and most crucial step in the proposal journey. You can also check out men’s wedding bands while shopping for a ring to know what is available for you in the market. Do not forget to get the right size or at least a ring that is bigger in case it needs resizing.

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