Six reasons to choose Medius

1. Automate beyond the basics

Medius does more than just eliminate endless emails, PDFs and paper invoices. It goes beyond basic automation and lets artificial intelligence (AI), code, approve, procure to pay and send invoices to you so you can (heaven forbid!) go home and relax.

2. AP offers peace-of-mind.

AP should not be a cause for concern. We provide in-depth controls and transparency, with full insight into spending patterns. This means you don’t need to worry about duplicates or fraudulent invoices, incorrect numbers sneaking into forecasts, missed discounts, or late fees.

3. Do not bother with your IT

Simple shouldn’t mean complicated. We have created a secure solution that you can quickly set up and integrate to your ERP system – without waiting for a spot on your IT team’s agenda – and still bring innovation and fresh ideas to your business.

4. You should expect a return on your investment.

Medius offers one of the fastest implementation times in the industry. You’ll immediately see a return on your AP Automation investments once it is deployed. Because managing AP and finances should not be about stress, but strategy, Medius can help you achieve that. Because you won’t need to worry about consultants and high implementation costs, you’ll see the benefits immediately. The innovation will never stop.

5. Beyond AP Automation to Integrated Spend Management

People mistakenly believe that “purchase-to pay” means procurement. However, if you negotiate a great deal but are unable to pay on time, it is a waste of time, money, and other resources. Late payments can cause bad supplier relationships and lead to customer orders being cancelled. Medius provides procurement, sourcing, and contract management solutions that integrate with AP or online payment services. This allows you to have full transparency over your indirect spending.

6. Dedicated support to maximize the value and efficiency of your Medius solution 

You can count on us to provide you with the best AP support. Medius Elevate You’ll have access to subject matter experts, who will act as an extension of your team and are solely focused on maximising the value of your Medius solution.

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