How to Make Effective Educational Videos for Online Courses

With growing educational technology, online teaching platforms are growing rapidly. Due to this, there is tough competition going on in the e-learning field. To make one’s online course effective and successful among all the competitors, the study content needs to be the best. One of the main components of effective online study material is educational videos. 

Promotional videos, navigation videos, and video lectures, are some video types that are important for an online course. Quality course promotion, self-paced learning experience, better course sales, improved understanding, accessibility, and convenience are some of the benefits of educational videos. Let us discuss a complete set of tips that online educators can follow to record quality educational videos along with course creation. 

Steps to make effective educational videos for online courses 

1. Plan well 

The first step to recording quality educational videos for your online course is creating a plan of action. Without planning, simply turning on the camera button won’t work. This can lead to poor, inappropriate videos. So make sure to plan well. Decide what you want to include in the video, what all information needs to be shared, and what sub-topics you have to cover under the video. Create a to-do list, see what resources you need to record the videos, and do the necessary arrangements afterward. 

2. Know your learners

For effective launch course or online course selling, the course services and learning content needs to be effective. It should meet the expectations and needs of the learners. So before recording the videos keep in mind, what are the different learning demands, what is the understanding level of all students, and how to make your videos meaningful for them. You have to decide what way you can make your educational videos engaging and interesting for all students. 

3. Record it 

After proper planning, the next step is to record the videos. For this, you need to have the right digital tools like a good-quality camera, a headset, a microphone, and a tripod. This will help to maintain the audio and visual quality of the video intact. Other than this, you must record videos from a dedicated workplace. It should be free of environmental disturbances and distractions. To make your videos more appealing visually, add engaging elements like picture cards, infographics, and more. 

4. Do the necessary editing

Not everything you have recorded will be effective or accurate. Therefore editing is an important step. Listen to the video recordings, see where there are mistakes, and do the necessary editing. Make sure to remove the disturbances and other glitches. Add background music or your voiceovers wherever needed. 

This will help to keep the video and audio quality effective. There are several editing software available online. As per convenience and technical understanding, you can select the right editing tool for yourself. Have the final look before posting and making it available for the students. 

Key points to remember

  • The videos should be recorded in manageable portions

Making a video of a long duration can be exhausting and less engaging for students. They will get bored and might switch off the video in between. To prevent these issues, you must maintain the right video duration. Don’t exceed the videos of more than fifteen to twenty minutes. This will make educational videos less hectic and more valuable for students. 

  • The language should be clear and understandable 

The educational videos that you upload on your online course selling website or the platforms that help you sell online courses from your own website or the educational app, must be understandable for students. Don’t use complex vocabulary, English phrases, and idioms. Keep it simple and easy for students to understand. Other than this, don’t dive too deep into the topic. Make sure to stick to the course curriculum and share specific information with the students. 

  • Accessibility 

The videos should be easy for students to access. Make sure to keep your educational videos or video lectures mobile-friendly. This way, it will become easy for students to access the videos from any place and at any time. Their self-paced learning experience and course performance will be enhanced. 


For effective online teaching and learning, educational videos play an important role. By following the above-mentioned tips, online course creators can make quality educational videos for learners. Better learning outcomes, course results, and sales are guaranteed by using educational videos and video lectures respectively. 

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