How to Develop a List of Name Ideas For Your Business

If you’re considering starting a new business, congratulations! You’re well on your way towards creating and selling a product or service that can make you money fast. However, before you continue growing your business, take a few minutes to sit down and create a list of name ideas for your business.

Creating a list of name ideas allows you to brainstorm on your brand image, what you want audiences to think and feel when they shop at your store, and it even helps inspire you to continue your business! Below are some of the best ways to develop a list of name ideas for your business.  

Consider Unique Names

The first thing you need to do is create a unique business name. Using the name of another business can confuse customers and open you up to potential lawsuits from other businesses. These types of cases are known as trademark lawsuits and they can be extremely time-consuming and expensive.

One of the best ways to generate a unique business name is by using an online generator such as Namify. Namify allows you to input specific keywords about your business, click a button, and get a unique name for your business in seconds! Save yourself the hassle of a lawsuit, and make a list of unique business names that are true to you and your brand. 

Think About Keywords

Did you know that many companies now use search engine optimization tactics, also known as SEO, to grow their customer base? SEO practices are considered highly important for a business since 68% of online experiences begin with a customer searching Google or another search engine for information. 

When creating your list of name ideas, consider what business you’re running and what people would search on Google for when buying your products. For instance, if you know your customers are looking for the best prices on hair care products, a name such as “Hair Care Outlet” might be a good name to help attract customers.

This store name is just one example of how you can use SEO practices to help attract customers and grow your online presence. Think about keywords you can include in your store. If your store is unique and sells niche supplies, don’t worry. Around 72% of the best brands have their names made up or use acronyms! So long as you use a name that is easy to remember and gives clues on what you sell, your brand is sure to grow.

Consider Different Languages

If you sell products from another country, such as “Hookah” or “Shisha”, or if you specialize in ethnic foods such as “Cafe de Olla” or “Tamales,” consider incorporating different languages into your company. For instance, “Habibi Cafe” is a good name for a hookah bar or middle-eastern restaurant.

Using different languages helps connect with customers that might have a language barrier. Foreign languages also help unite your store’s unique cultural products with customers in the United States or wherever your business is located.

Check For Domains

It’s also a good idea to choose a store name with an available domain. For instance, if you’re running a store with the name “Thirsty Cafe,” check to see if “” is available. If it is, this would be a perfect store name since you now have the domain to create a website!

Namify allows users to generate names and also check for domain availability. You can save time by choosing a name and a domain that is available when creating your list of name ideas for your business.

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