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Most Expensive Chess Sets Ever Made and Sold

If you’re a chess lover, then you’ll be interested in what we have for you today. As the title suggests, we’ll be discussing some of the most expensive chess sets ever made and sold. These sets are incredibly luxurious and can cost a fortune. Whether you want to spend a small fortune or are just interested in this part of chess history, keep reading.

Short History of Chess

In a world of chess apps and electronic boards, it’s easy to forget that chess is an ancient game. It’s thought to have originated in India, around the 6th century. From there, it spread to China and then to Persia. By the 10th century, it had reached Europe, where it quickly became a popular game among the nobility.

Chess sets have come a long way since those early days. In the past, they were often made of very expensive materials like ivory, jade, or even gold. Today, you can find chess sets made out of almost anything, from plastic to metal to glass. Below, you’ll see some of the most expensive sets ever made.

Most Expensive Chess Sets in History

Jewel RoyaleSay these two words to any chess fan and they’re sure to get excited. The Jewel Royale is widely considered the most luxurious chess set in the world and it’s not hard to see why – although it’s not yet complete, this set will be the result of a collaboration between Jewel Royale and Boodles. The set will be made up of over 50 carats of diamonds, with each piece being set in 18-karat white gold.

If you have $60,000…you can buy the King. If you want the whole set, you’ll need to shell out $9.8 million. Within the set, you’ll find all sorts of jewels including citrines, blue sapphires, rubies, and of course, diamonds; even the board is made out of gold and encrusted with jewels.

Pearl RoyalePerhaps the most beautiful set of all time, the Pearl Royale is also one of the most expensive. This set was designed by Colin Burns, and it is made out of sterling silver, gold, and mother of pearl. After a long period of planning and designing, it contains hundreds of diamonds; according to the most recent estimates, the set is valued at between $4 million and $5 million.

Game of KingsRather than being associated with one designer, the Game of Kings is a collaboration between various luxury jewellers. Inspired by Mayan and Aztec art, the set is made out of gold and silver, and it contains thousands of precious stones. As a result, you won’t be surprised to hear that it is valued at around $3 million.

Art of WarIf unique is what you want, then the Art of War set is certainly that. Handcrafted out of solid gold, it features soldiers from different Chinese dynasties. The set also includes several other intricate details, and you’ve probably guessed by the name that it’s based on the famous book by Sun Tzu. Containing sapphire, ruby, and other jewels, the set is valued at around $750,000.

If you love chess, but don’t necessarily want to spend a fortune on a set, then there are still plenty of options available to you, especially at reliable retailers like Cities Store. You can find beautiful chess sets made out of wood, stone, glass, and even metal. No matter what your budget is, there’s a chess set out there that’s perfect for you. You’ll even find themed sets such as Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, and more.

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