Thomas Middelhoff Explains What His New Firm Offers Entrepreneurs and Established Business Owners 

Thomas Middelhoff has a long, impressive work history that has perfectly positioned him to be the ideal consultant to any entrepreneur or business owner who wants to get ahead of the game and grow a successful business long-term. He has worked as a successful entrepreneur for more than forty years and so understands the challenges and multiple opportunities available to those running their own businesses. He has arranged a whopping 120 merger and acquisitions deals, including the Time Warner-AOL deal, the largest to date. During his four-year tenure as CEO of Bertelsmann, the value of company assets went from 7 billion Euros to 22 billion Euros, shareholder equity went from 1.6 billion Euros to 9.5 billion Euros, and annual revenue grew by more than 8 billion. 

Middelhoff, who now works as an independent consultant, notes that his new firm, Middelhoff Consulting, offers all the services a business owner needs under one roof. Middelhoff Consulting helps those who are considering starting a new business or new product/service line understand both profit potential and the challenges they are up against. The firm provides in-depth market insights as well as comprehensive competitor insights, so business owners can make data-driven decisions. What’s more, Middelhoff Consulting has teams of qualified consultants on hand to help business owners in any industry create and implement a smart business development and growth plan to ensure the new business or product/service line reaches its full potential. As the business gets off the ground, Middelhoff Consulting is there to offer continued assistance and advice to enable business owners to leverage both opportunities and challenges into growth opportunities. 

The firm also offers individual coaching to business owners who struggle with important business decisions such as deciding on a new direction for a business, determining how to strategically position a company in order to boost growth and profits, and choosing quantifiable short and long-term goals for the business. Coaching services can also help business owners improve their leadership abilities by enabling them to define the leadership attributes and management approaches and styles that will get the best possible results. Furthermore, Middelhoff Consulting offers workshops for business owners who want to learn how to leverage data and technology to their fullest potential. These workshops cover topics such as making data-driven decisions, creating a digital strategy, integrating digital technology to improve business operations, and identifying the company’s current technology resources. 

Not surprisingly, Thomas Middelhoff also specializes in managing mergers and acquisitions. He works with companies that want to merge with or acquire a new firm; conversely, he also offers services to business owners who want to sell a division of their company in order to focus on a particular industry or niche. Middelhoff’s services include helping identify the right businesses to sell or acquire, offering insight on the timing, strategy, structure, and financing of the potential deal, helping clients choose the right investment bank for the deal, and closing the deal. He also offers negotiation services, making it possible for both sides to communicate with each other clearly and easily to avoid misunderstandings and legal hassles that could derail a potentially profitable deal. 

While there are plenty of business consultants a business owner can pick from, Thomas Middelhoff stands out for several reasons. He has experience working both as an entrepreneur and for international corporations. He offers international services for companies that want to take advantage of potentially profitable business opportunities in Europe and Asia. He has worked for companies as diverse as the New York Times and Investcorp, which means that he has the experience needed to work with clients from a range of industries. Middelhoff Consulting stands out from the competition and, with Middelhoff’s professional help and assistance, any business owner can do so as well.

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