20 Reasons Why Minecraft Is Better Than Fortnite?

Over the last five years, Minecraft has gained immense popularity among gamers of all ages. It is an exclusive open-world sandbox game with mixed elements of survival, building villages, crafting, exploration and combat, making it the best game in the world.

But is it alone in the race? Of course, not. Fortnite and Minecraft are the two biggest games in the world that are competing in different ways. Over the past few years of Twitch, Fortnite has built an enormous fan base. Minecraft enjoys the most stream time, most players worldwide, highest numbers of views and shares on social media. But, on the other hand, Minecraft doesn’t have any of these features yet rank among the best-selling video games of all time. 

The sudden growth in the fanbase of Minecraft associates with the PewDiePie controversy, unwanted changes in Fortnite’s gameplay content, which becomes even more degraded after the recent update.

We are not huge fans, but we can give you a thousand reasons why Minecraft is better than Fortnite. But, being an unbiased review site, we must say that it lags a lot, and sometimes, this lagging issue irritates.

If your gameplay lags a lot, here is a detail onHow To Make Minecraft Run Faster on Windows and macOS. Once you fix this lagging issue, you will indeed find it worth playing against Fortnite or any other game onboard.

  1. It focuses on story-based combat and is less violent.
  2. Minecraft comes completely free.
  3. It is new in the market, and unlike Fortnite, the developers of Minecraft update its software frequently.
  4. When it comes to graphics, Minecraft beats Fortnite in every aspect. It has vibrant characters, a fantastic storyline and powerful visuals.
  5. Well, it comes to emotions now. There is a huge fan base of Fortnite lovers (around 4.8 million), while Minecraft has around 140 million players worldwide.
  6. If you have fixed the speed related issues, Minecraft is way faster than Fortnite or any other game onboard.
  7. Minecraft has the largest fanbase, with the most active players than any other game in recent times.
  8. While Fortnite is meaningless, Minecraft comes with better meaning and storyline.
  9. Unlike Fortnite, Minecraft has different elements, including combat and building, setting it apart from other similar games.
  10. When you play Minecraft, you get a whole world to explore rather than just scribbling across the island. Exploration is perhaps the most critical aspect of this game.
  11. The building itself is a big challenge because it ultimately affects your ranking. But you can make it fun by creating different castle designs and putting more details on the design.
  12. With 201 billion views, Minecraft becomes the fastest growing video game on the internet. It nurtures the biggest base on YouTube.
  13. First introduced in 2012, the Minecraft Survival games are more committed to a whole series than a single wrap up.
  14. If you know how to host a server, you can add up to 12 players to join the game. Can you do this in Fortnite or any other game? Other than Clash of Clans and Mini Militia, it doesn’t sound fun with others.
  15. With Minecraft, you can enhance the entertainment by downloading texture packs. The texture packs make the gameplay even more improved and vibrant.
  16. Fortnite only has AI-generated 24 characters that too in the royal battle match. What if you want to create a new character? Well, we have got another reason to love Minecraft, which puts light on customisable characters (Steve and Alex) for free.
  17. I have seen many Fortnite players. They are just mad about the battle pass. However, the battle pass has nothing to do with the gameplay. Minecraft is a thousand times better than Fortnite in this scenario. Just sign up, choose your game name, build your castle and welcome to your world.
  18. Fortnite is similar to PUBG mobile to some extent. A survival game where 100 players jump into combat, and the last one wins the match. Unlike Hunger Games, such as Minecraft, the story is slow and talks about war all the time. Well, in Minecraft, you can explore generated villages, mine shafts, mansions, ships and temples and a lot more.
  19. If we talk about the modes, Fortnite has seven core gaming modes: solo, duo, squads, battle, labs, team rumble and Arena. At the same time, Minecraft has only four: Creative, Survival, Adventure, and Spectator. Though Fortnite has the most gaming modes, Minecraft is still famous for its fantastic gameplay.
  20. Unlike Fortnite, Minecraft has no lags or absurd drama.

Do you think Fortnite is faster than Minecraft? Yes, the performance may slow sometimes, but it barely has any bugs. Moreover, If your game is plodding, you can check out the detailed guide on “How to make Minecraft run faster.”

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