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Is Your Blocked Drain a Pipe Problem from Tree Roots or Something Else?

Sewer Drains, Sink Drains, and Shower Drains 

When your home experiences a blocked drain, one of the most frustrating things is that you don’t know where the problem is located. As any clogged drain plumber in Sydney, Australia will tell you, blocked drains can originate inside the home or outside the property. In both cases, several causes exist (this is what makes a plumber’s job so difficult!). 

Although you might not think about it, lots of water and other substances leave your home every day. As well as your sink drains and shower drains, your property will also have sewer drains to take away the waste. This intricate network of drains and systems is something we rely on daily yet take for granted. 

If you experience a problem with the sink drain, you might notice a blockage in the sink without affecting the rest of your home. In other words, the blockage is isolated in the sink drain before it connects with the sewer and shower drains. Likewise, you could experience the same with your toilet or shower. The single installations seem to be backed up and blocked even though water passes through normally elsewhere in the property. 

In these cases, you may be able to fix the problem yourself. For example, let’s say that you have a blockage in the shower. With a plunger or a sink unblocking product, you may clear the blockage and free your home from problems. With the pressure that sinks, toilets, and showers are under each day, it’s surprising that they don’t encounter more problems. While toilets must deal with the obvious, showers cope with hair, shower gels, shampoos, and other products. Elsewhere, sinks must process remnants of meals, soaps, and other debris. 

Clogged Drains Inside the House vs Outside the Foundation 

What if all drains are blocking up and you’re having issues in more than one location? If this is the case, it suggests a deeper problem within the system. For example, it could be that tree roots have damaged the piping outside your home. If tree roots cause your blocked drain problem, it might be worth looking at removing the tree and to consider stump grinding to avoid future problems.

Unfortunately, tree roots are one of the most common problems for pipes in the foundations of a property. The older the tree, the more expansive the network of roots. Suddenly, you have a case where the network of roots is colliding with the network of pipes. One of the biggest issues is that roots seek moist, warm environments that are rich in nutrients – all things that can be said about your pipes. 

When tree roots damage pipes, water cannot travel as freely through the system. In some cases, this can cause a complete blockage and backup. Here are the main signs of tree root damage in your pipes: 

  • Slow drains – tree roots can stop water from getting through. 
  • Sinkholes – tree root damage can cause water to leak into the lawn.
  • Areas of lush green grass – though this could be a testament to your new gardening technique, it also suggests that this area is getting more nutrients than others. 

If you want to locate the complication causing a blocked drain, the best solution is to contact a professional plumbing company because they have the right experience, knowledge, and equipment to help. Rather than trenching unnecessarily, professional plumbers have advanced camera equipment that will help to spot the issue. They can then suggest an effective solution that gets your home running as it should once again! 

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