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Summer Paint Trends for Your Home 

The summer that we all wait eagerly for is here. It’s an understatement to say that it’s war outside. Temperatures can soar and get very heated. Most of us would love to spend time indoors but with so much time spent indoors, we need our rooms to be vibrant and colourful. The colour of the room can affect your mindset and can either be a mood changer or a total downer. There are always two aspects here. As much as you want to have vibrant colours, your room and your house must also have your style reflected in them. So how does one strike a balance? Is it possible to be seasonally relevant while keeping personal aesthetics in mind?

There are multiple room painting designs to choose from when it comes to a summer theme for your home or space. Playing with colour in your personal space can seem like a big risk but it is a risk worth taking. There is a way to choose colours that are subtle but accentuated with pieces that make a statement or create that pop effect. The following are some that you can try out – 

Neutral Colour Scheme: The safest bet for summer is to opt for a neutral colour scheme. Royal Asian paints have a vast variety of colours to choose from. A neutral colour scheme doesn’t allow you to steer very far from a personal taste. There is very little room for error with a neutral colour scheme.

Shades of Blue: 

Any shade of blue always represents a sense of calm. It is a representation of summer, where you have clear blue skies. It creates the illusion of bringing the outdoors indoors. Blue also is a colour that makes any room look bigger, thus making it a colour that represents spaciousness. Blues can range from soft sky blue to delicate pastels or even slightly bolder cobalt. Whatever the choice, be assured of having a spacious, airy, lightroom that you walk into.

Floral Inspired:

If there is a slight inclination to try something more experimental then one can take inspiration from floral colours. This brings bouncy energy into the room. Can be derived from the bees bouncing from one flower to the next in the garden. The floral colour palate can range anywhere from lavenders, various shades of pink, bright to mellow yellows, and many more. All of this depends on the kind of room as well. Dining, living, and common living spaces can use these colours to bring in a positive vibe.

If you don’t want to dare experiment so much with room paint designs the best way to go about it, is to start with a rarely used room and see how it turns out. A guest bedroom and a balcony can be great spaces to experiment in terms of colour. The whole idea of a summer paint tread is to bring the outdoors, indoors. There is only so much time one can spend outdoors during the summer months and the idea is to create living spaces that are warm, vibrant, and have the summer colours in them.

This allows one to experience all the goodness of summer from the comfort of their cosy nest. Remember that the colour chosen must compliment the lighting and interiors of the house. Choose delicate accessories for a floral theme but go all out for a neutral colour theme. Shades of blue require more intentional decorative pieces. Decorative items with shades of white or silver or indoor plants will help accentuate and bring out the blue in the space. The only thing left to do would be to grab a cool, refreshing drink and enjoy the space that you have created.

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