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How to Buy a 125cc Dirt Bike on Alibaba

Whether you’re looking for a child-safe bike, or a motorcycle for you and your partner, you’ll be happy to learn how to buy a 125cc dirt bike on Alibaba. Read on for more tips, including what to look for, which type of 125cc bike is legal, and how to find the best deals. And remember, there are more than just the best prices on Alibaba!

125cc dirt bike

Purchasing a 125cc Dirt Bike is one of the most affordable ways to get started on off-road riding. They are easy to ride and inexpensive to run. They also cost less to insure, which makes them a great choice for those who are just starting out and don’t want to spend a lot of money. You can obtain a provisional license if you have passed a car driving test and have not yet taken a motorcycle driving test.

Buying a 125cc dirt bike on Alibaba has many advantages. Purchasing goods from Alibaba will also save you a lot of money, as you will not have to pay any customs fees.

Suitable dirt bike for children

There are several considerations to make when choosing a dirt bike for your child. Most bikes are rated for children ages five and up. Many children start dirt biking at a young age and some even ride as young as three years old. If the child is under five, they should probably start on a bike with training wheels, because they probably don’t know how to ride a bike yet. As a general rule, older children should get a bike that matches their age and height. Oftentimes, smaller sizes are based on the size of the wheels.

For those with a younger child, a 50-125cc dirt bike is appropriate for them. While displacement is important, seat height and weight are equally important considerations. A 125cc dirt bike with a seat height of 22 to 27 inches will work for most children. The weight of the bike should be below 180 pounds and should have an automatic clutch. Ultimately, choosing a dirt bike with the right size is a personal decision.

Buying a 125cc dirt bike

Buying a 125cc dirt bicycle on Alibaba is a great way to save money. Chinese suppliers often request buyer protection through AliBaba, leaving you helpless in the event of a defective item or a problem with customs. Buying a dirt bike from Alibaba requires knowing about the specifications and laws in the country you are settling in.

Buying a 125cc dirt bike on alibaba

There are some things you need to know about these dirt bikes to make the most informed decision. Before you make a purchase, you need to know the safety regulations for dirt bikes in your country. In addition, you should make sure to read product specifications before you purchase.


The KTM RC390 possesses all the essential attributes that make it a desirable sport bike. Its single cylinder engine is fuel-injected and liquid-cooled and produces 44 horsepower. Its chassis consists of a steel tube trellis frame and die-cast aluminum swingarm, which are supported by top-shelf WP suspension components. Its tires are mounted on Metzeler wheels.

The fully digital, multifunctional LCD dashboard of the KTM RC390 is a definite highlight. Its speed readout and integrated digital tachometer are also clearly visible. A fuel gauge and service interval reading are also available. Its dash is also illuminated by bright and durable LEDs. The shift light can be adjusted so that riders can quickly recognize when it’s time to shift gears.

The exhaust on the KTM RC390 sounds strained and strangled in stock trim. But an Akrapovic muffler (available only in Euro-5 road trim) makes it sound more assertive. Its sound improves significantly at higher revs, which is where most riders will spend time. Its side-fairing also makes it more recognizable. Despite its small size, the KTM RC390 has plenty of pep.

The KTM RC models are a superb combination of value and quality, and have a loyal following. The design department of the KTM motorcycle company does a fantastic job with these machines. They take the same care in designing these bikes as they do with all other models. This means that KTM bikes are both safe and durable.

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