Importance of fitness for students

Education, in general, is a concept that is a summation of all the factors that can improve a child’s life for the better. Besides providing great career opportunities, education calls for intellectual development for students. This all-over development is not possible if they don’t take care of their physical health.

Emotional health has gained a lot of importance because during the pandemic students were specially isolated and could not attend classes offline. Online classes, as recommended by most institute ERP through an LMS could not do much because this meant that students would have to sit in front of their screens all day long. That they would neither be interacting with other students as much nor would they be moving around a lot. It hampers their physical and mental health at once.

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For their mental health, multiple measures have been taken so that interactive sessions are included through the convenience of an LMS itself. But what about physical health? Let us what we would lay importance on.

How to remain physically fit

Physical fitness is important for students to maintain because having a particular diet will improve their productivity, and being physically healthy will accelerate the productive activities performed regularly. Moreover, since they are only in the growing stage in their life, they need to pay attention to their health mode because if it fails in the present times, it could lead to many complications in the future. 

Remaining physically does not simply involve exercising. Maintaining the right diet is also necessary. With globalization, the current consumption has gone up and a lot of countries are facing inflation problems. Consumption is mostly related to the consumption of junk food. Every child likes to have something good to eat once in a while, and it is mainly high in calories or not technically good for their health. But they can maintain this as long as they are having a healthy diet on the other days. Here are some other tips to remain physically fit;

  • Don’t try to stick to a calorie chart for reducing weight, or increasing it, what is necessary and as healthy as possible.
  • Avoid eating excessive oily and junk food.
  • Exercise regularly for improving blood flow and remaining generally fit.
  • If exercising is not possible, try to have morning or evening walks, or short runs to compensate.
  • Don’t sit in one place, keep moving around the room even when a class is going on. You can attend classes over the mobile phone and remain physically fit.
  • Have virtual exercising sessions with classmates by agreeing to have video conference calls once in a while.

Why be physically active

There are numerous benefits of being physically fit, here are the most applicable ones for students;

Weight loss or weight gain

It depends on the student, if they have gained some weight by participating in almost no physical activities during the pandemic they would like to exercise regularly or consume healthy protein which would rather than fat-rich food to lose some weight for the better. Underweight students can try increasing their consumption of protein and carbohydrate-rich food, but only up to the level that is required for their body type as per height and weight. 

Losing or gaining weight is recommended only when the physical state has gone through the extremes, it is not a general practice among students. Being slightly overweight or slightly underweight is not an issue as long as it is not self-induced.

Physical development

Exercising and maintaining physical fitness injures strong muscles and bones with joint development which is very important for adolescence. It adds to their physical health and increases their stamina.

Increase productivity through more energy flow

Staying physically fit ensures that students feel energetic throughout the day, and they can attend all the LMS classes and also complete assignments, self-study, or indulge in other activities. Students are supposed to be energetic because of their age and high energy levels, which can be maintained only if they maintain physical fitness.

Prevention of chronic diseases

Consuming high calories which would be good but only if it is done once in a while. Once this becomes a habit, it can lead to high blood sugar levels, high blood pressure, and other chronic diseases. Even if students consume their comfort food often, they should make an effort to burn out all those calories to prevent chronic diseases.

Better mental health

Research has shown that having great physical health promotes determinants of mental health too.

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