How to make an effective onboarding plan for your new hires

If you’ve just hired a new member of staff, you want to make them feel welcome and get the best start possible in your company. And with the right onboarding plan, your new team member will get to know their new role, important company protocols and even their fellow colleagues in a professional, efficient and engaging way. 

So what is the ideal onboarding plan? Let’s take a look. 

Make hire official

The very first thing to do before you start to onboard your new employee is to make the hire official. An email is sufficient in order to do this, but there are some key details to include. 

Firstly, congratulate your new employee on their role and outline exactly what their duties will include. It’s also wise to detail any important protocols that your new hire needs to know in order to start off on the right foot, as well as the correct points of contact. 

Complete background check

Completing the necessary background checks on your new member of staff is necessary for both the safety of your business and the other employees that work for the company. And, depending on the business, could even be a legal requirement. 

Always ensure that you inform your employee that you will be performing a background check before you begin. Also make sure that your company knows the legalities of performing these checks and how to do them thoroughly and safely, without compromising your employee’s rights or privacy. 

Establish schedule and job duties for new starter

The most important, albeit basic, step in onboarding a new hire is ensuring that they know exactly what is expected of them in their new role. Clear, concise instructions, as well as full details on any deadlines or imminent goals will help your employee integrate into the company easily, as well as give them a clear path to follow in their new role. 

After you have set out what’s to be done in the first day, week or month, schedule regular check-ins with your new employee, to see how they are settling in and also to give any feedback, if necessary. 

Prepare team inductions

One of the most important elements to running a happy and efficient organisation is having team members who get along and know how to communicate. 

Remember, some new members may not be socially outgoing, so preparing them to meet others, either in-person or online, will induct them into the organisation without making them feel uncomfortable. One of the best ways to do this is to use state-of-the-art HR Software that can schedule meetings and also detail any necessary information ahead of time. 

Prepare training schedule

Regardless of what industry you’re in, ensuring that your employees know how to do their jobs is essential to running a successful organisation. 

In terms of a new employee, giving them a schedule of upcoming training sessions, as well as any other supporting documents regarding company protocols etc. will facilitate an easy transition into their new role. 

Ensure all relevant tools available

We all need the right tools to do a job right. That’s why it’s imperative that your new hire has everything they need in order to begin their new role and work effectively. Using your HR software, you can deliver any important information that’s needed before an employee starts working for your organisation, as well as instruct them on company policies, points of contact etc. and schedule training sessions and regular check-ins. And all without impacting your own working day. 


We all want our new members of staff to feel comfortable in their role, and have all the tools they need to hit the ground running during their first few days in the organisation. And with the right onboarding plan, along with some great HR software to make processes run seamlessly, you can create the ideal environment for your new hire and induct them into their new team perfectly. 

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